Top 10 Best Apps for Android – You Should Try Now

Hello everyone this is Jyoti from Gyrotech, In this post, we are going to tell you the top 10 best apps for android. Guys, we have selected these apps on the basis of their usage, functionality, and most importantly because they are new. If you like any of these apps then do let us know in the comments section below. So the first app we have on our list is are.

1. We there Yet!

We there yet is a very helpful app for those who are anxious about missing your stop on a train or metro. If you are tired of checking maps again and again during a road trip to check whether you are reaching that place or not then this app will help you a lot.

So Basically in this app, you just have to search for the destination and then define a range. So as soon as you are within the range you will get a notification letting you know that you are close to your destination.

This App mostly helps while traveling in a taxi to be aware when we are close to the destination. For that type of person who falls asleep on a bus regularly and misses their stop, then this app is a gem for them.

2. Nothing But Wallpapers

Everybody wants that their phone interface should look cooler than others and for that, we like to change different- different wallpaper. So as the name suggests, Nothing but wallpapers is a great wallpaper app. You get Free wallpapers in this app which are handpicked. You get 500+ wallpapers in the app and new ones are getting updated daily.

Then you have the collection page which is neatly categorized and here you have the different categories. You can apply the wallpaper from within the app or save it on your phone. Overall Nothing but wallpapers is an easy-to-use wallpaper app with a good collection of wallpapers.

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Dina is a wallpaper app that understands the weather is subjective and unique to an individual. So the app provides personalized reports and breaks down the weather in terms of the outfit you need to wear.

You need to answer a few questions at the time of initial setup and the app uses AI to recommend the right clothes and the right time. Apart from that the app is simple, you have the weather forecast on the top and then the hourly weather prediction.

Then below it, we have the current conditions which also let you know about the sunburn according to your skin type and whether it’s worth grabbing sunscreen. Overall Dina is a new personalized weather app that we really like so do check it out!

4. Volume

Volume curates the world’s finest content under one platform. So basically you have bite-sized content from around the world and you have these stacks on different topics which you can read quickly. You can go throw the stack by just swiping left or right. You can also subscribe to the creator to see more stacks in the future.

Every story and article on volume is uniquely crafted to give you the best experience. And there is also in-house content by volume which gives you a very good experience while reading them.

We really find this app unique and wonderful. It lets you find stories in a newer and better way. Most importantly you get to learn something new with these curated stories.

5. Tilla – Subscriptions Manager

Tilla is a subscription manager app that lets you keep track of all your subscriptions in one place. The interface of the app is simple. Just add the subscription start date, billing cycle, and price. You can either choose the subscription from the list or add your own.

The app supports different currencies and the best part is that you can see your weekly, monthly, or yearly spending on subscriptions, and guys if there is any subscription that is due for billing you get the alert notification.

Overall Tilla is a unique and very helpful app these days especially when we have a lot of subscriptions and keeping track of each and everyone is sometimes very difficult.

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6. Ad-silence – OpenSource

So, guys AdSilence is the app for those who are using the free version of Spotify. Basically, as the name suggests this app will silence the ad breaks for you.

The app is very easy to use. Just open the app and then tap on mute ads that’s it. The app now will silent the ad breaks for you and it works very well.

So if you are a free Spotify user then we highly recommend you to check out this app.

7. Black Screen

The Black Screen app lets you play videos with the screen off. So with this app, you can turn off the screen anytime and save battery while playing music from youtube. You can listen to a podcast or even record a video with the screen off.

So basically this app is very useful for those who are using an AMOLED Display phone. As this will save battery while listening to music on youtube.

It’s easy to use just tap on the lock icon and you get this always on display with the time, Now go back and just tap on the screen and it will unlock the display. Overall a must-have app for nonpremium YT users. Especially as this will save battery for you.

8. QuotePaper

QuotePaper is a wallpaper app that offers high-quality wallpapers with quotes. The app has a good collection of high-quality wallpaper which will make your home and lock screen pretty good and also motivate you to achieve your goals.

You can go through the different wallpaper on the home page or see the collections such as success, study, love, and so on.

Overall Quotepaper offers some unique quote wallpapers for your phone so if you like this app then check the install link below.

9. HeyPal

HeyPal app enables you to learn a new language by chatting with native speakers around the world. So at the time of setup, you can set the language which you speak or would like to learn, and then you can go through the feed in that particular language or search for users who are native speakers of the language.

The best part is that you can type in your own language and use the on-screen translation tool to translate the sentence into your desired language. You can also translate the text which you have received.

Overall a nice concept to learn a new language but We think the app needs a lot of moderation as this can be used as another dating app which sort of defeats the purpose.

10. NearBy Share

Nearby share is just a shortcut to the nearby share feature. With this, you can share media with other android users quickly. So guys instead of using any other third-party app for file sharing you can use this app to share files locally between two phones.

The app is simply a shortcut to launch the nearby share functionality and in our opinion, it’s a very useful shortcut.

Top 10 Best Apps for Android

So that’s it guys these were the Top 10 Best Apps for Android we have for you for the month. Let us know if you like them and also tell us your favorite new app of the month in the comments section below. If you have any issues then feel free to ask in the comment box. We will try to help you.



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