5 Best Android Tips and Tricks – You Must Know

In this post, we will share with you the 5 Best Android Tips and Tricks. Android is the most popular and flexible mobile operating system worldwide due to its power-packed features. And the best thing about it is, that it lets you customize the phone as per your choice. So a simple-looking Android phone can become a melting pot of technology and creativity with the addition of the right apps from the Google Play Store.

Best Android Tips and Tricks

Today in this article, We’ll take a step back and focus only on the powers of Android, excluding apps.

So, here’s the list of 5 secret Android tips and tricks that you mustn’t miss. The best thing about these tricks is that whether it’s a OnePlus phone, Vivo, Redmi, Samsung, or any other device, It will work on all smartphones.


We are starting with the most used feature in the new era of Android smartphones – the quick settings menu. What do you do when you need it very quickly? Usually, swiping down brings down the notification drawer and then the quick settings menu.

To access it super quickly,  you can use both of your fingers to make a downward swipe on the home screen. The Quick Settings menu and the notification drawer will be available in a second.


In a how-to video on YouTube, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact spot where the demonstrator is touching the screen of his smartphone. The solution to the above issue: Simply enable the display touch points. It will display a white dot on the places where you have touched it. To enable this option, you need to dive into Developer Options. Go to Input and switch on Show Touch.

To access Developer Options on your device, go to Settings > About and tap the build number seven times.


It is a known fact that almost all Android applications on our smartphones perform certain background activities like data-sync, update activities to fix bugs, or roll out new features.

Sure, these are important and should not be overlooked, but it is more important for you to know when these activities are being done. You wouldn’t want Google Photos to sync 200 high-resolution photos over cellular data, would you?

Luckily, we have a savior hidden in the app settings menu. Navigate to the Pen Settings & Data usage where you will see an option to restrict app background data. Or you can long press on the application and select app info option from the pop-up menu.

Once this switch is enabled, background activities on cellular networks will stop and will only occur once you are connected to your Wi-Fi network.


Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers today, but how can we make the most of it? Especially when you’re off the grid? This neat little trick for Android devices will require a little advance planning to pull off, but I assure you, it’s a silly idea when it comes to converting web pages to PDF.

So before you go any further, gather all the articles you want to read and open them through Chrome. Now all you have to do is go to Share > Print and then save the web page as a PDF.

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When we make phone calls, 80% of the time our thumb is near the power button, so enabling the power button to end a call seems like the smartest move. Plus, it proves to be the most convenient way to end a call when you’re watching a captivating cricket match and you can’t take your eyes off the TV.

To enable it, open Accessibility Settings and toggle on the Power button & Call option. That’s it, now you have a physical button to end the call.

So, that’s it for today guys. We hope you all enjoyed these 5 Best Android Tips and Tricks. If you have any issues or suggestions then do comment below in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible.

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