5 Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs 1000 in India

Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs 1000 in India: If you are planning to buy a good headphone that is around or below Rs 1000, then we will provide you with a list of the best 5 headphones in India for 2024. We will include all types of headphones, those for music lovers, those for students, and headsets for gaming enthusiasts. So, all those who want to know which headphones are the best, read the information given below as it will help you.

Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs 1000 in India

Zebster Z-Aura

If you are budget-conscious and do not wish to spend too much money, you can settle down for Zebster Z-Aura. This headphone is good for those who like gaming headphones. It’s quite cheap and you will get it for Rs 349. The design looks good and it is equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1. The headphones are foldable, but a bit compromised in their build.

There’s a playback time of 7 hours and the sound quality is also decent. However, there’s no warranty on this product. But, if you are not much concerned about durability and price is the only decisive factor, you must get ahead with this headphone. However, it would be good to check the reviews on Amazon before you buy it.

Motorola Escape 200

An expensive headphone, but it’s value for money. The price of the Motorola Escape 200 is Rs 1400. But if you try to search on the leading platforms, where the discount offers are going on, you will get them at around Rs 1000.

It’s an all-rounder and will suit you whether you are a working professional or a student or a music lover. The headphone is light in weight and the design is quite ergonomic. This headset comes with 40mm drivers. The bass is also very good. The product also has a warranty of one year. If you have a good budget and are planning to buy something that will stay with you for long, the Motorola Escape 200 is indeed the best choice for you.

ANT ESports Gaming Headphone

For gaming enthusiasts, having a good headphone is a compulsion. ANT ESports has come up with a good headphone at a budget of Rs 750. It comes with a manual and has good sound effects and quality.

It also comes with 7 color RGB LED, a microphone and 40mm drivers. If you check the reviews and ratings on Amazon, you will know that it’s a good product and value for money.

Zeb Thunder Pro

Zeb Thunder Pro is one of the leading headsets and is the best out of the lot. It comes with a price tag of Rs 799. Accompanied by a hoax cable and charging cable, Pro has an amazing design and build. It provides SD card support and is value for money.

You get a 21-hour battery and Bluetooth 5.0. There’s a one-year warranty too. You should not miss this deal. It’s an all-rounder and will suit every person. Zeb Thunder Pro is a Zebronics product and therefore you don’t have to worry about sound quality, bass and the build.

Boat 450

For Boat 450 too, there are good ratings and reviews on Amazon. This product comes with 15 hours of battery time. Boat products have that signature sound, so it’s the case here as well. The build and design are decent. But, if you compare Boat 450 with Zeb Thunder Pro, then Zeb will be the winner. Boat 450 comes at the price of Rs 1200. But, if you get it at a discount while the discount season starts, it will be great.

Here’s the price comparison table for your reference.

Headset name and model Price
Zebster Z Aura Rs 349
Motorola Escape 200 Rs 1400
ANT ESports Rs 750
Zeb Thunder Pro Rs 799
Boat 450 Rs 1200

Wrapping Up

Out of the five contenders, we feel Zeb Thunder Pro is the best. However, people have different choices and you can buy any of the above as you like. We hope you liked the article and this information was useful for you. Do let us know which one you liked the most in the comment section.

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