5 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India: Smartwatches with Budget Friendly Pricing

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India: It is the modern world of the modern age which gives off a mix of flash and usefulness. In the face of what seems to be an endless variety of smartwatches, selecting one with the best features that won’t harm your wallet can be a very big challenge.

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India

However, fear not! Having in mind the info that we’ve collected, below you can see the list of the best 5 smartwatches of the highest quality, priced under 2000 which are worth a try.

1. Boat Ultima Chronos:

In the low-priced smartwatch section where one has no option but to factor in a plain design with basic features, Boat Ultima Chronos  is sui generis in that it has an elegant design as well as advanced features.

Boat Ultima Chronos

This smartwatch having an affordable price (under 2000) offers a very responsive touchscreen display which is intuitive to use. The smartwatch, which offers features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and multiple sports modes, is designed for fitness enthusiasts to be their best companion.

Moreover, it is feature-rich as it offers notifications for calls, messages, and social media alerts so you will remain connected all the time.

2. Beat XP Vega X:

The Beat XP Vega X easily wed smoothies and functionality and stands out amongst the sub-2000 smartwatch market as one of the top candidates.

The ergonomic design of the model is meant for comfort when it is worn for long periods, meanwhile, its broad range of features meets the needs of different people.

Boat Ultima Chronos

Including step tracking and blood pressure monitoring, such a smartwatch handles all tasks. If that is not enough, it provides several watch face options that can be personalized and a battery life that is long enough to keep it as a partner for everyday use.

3. Fastrack Revolt FR 1 Pro

The Fastrack Revolt FR 1 Pro is a fancy and low-priced smartwatch that has many features. It has a streamlined circular face and also interchangeable bands which you can adjust to suit your preferences.

Fastrack Revolt FR 1 Pro

Topped by biosensors, it can estimate your heart rate, sleeping quality, and activity as exactly as it can. It (smartwatch) also has IP68 water resistance which ensures that it can work in many environments. If it’s a workout or a meeting, this smartwatch watches your back.

4. Noise Evolve 3 

In addition to this, Noise Evolve 3 is a budget-friendly model with powerful features, but at an accessible price. It features a square dial with a color touchscreen display that gives a futuristic look and at the same time helps you keep track of your health with its multiple tracking features.

Noise Evolve 3 

This feature with a sedentary reminder, and hydration tracking, facilitates the conduct of our daily lives. Also, it has a phone connectivity feature, so staying connected anywhere through your phone is possible without the need to take your phone out.

5. Noise Thrive

To wrap up our list is the Noise Thrive, a performant watch that is designed to suit all kinds of users as well. The device is very light and has a beautiful showcase of colors so operating it becomes an easy task.

Noise Thrive

Whether you are monitoring your workouts or tracking your sleep rate, this smartwatch produces reliable results. Moreover, it provides cellular alerts as well as music commands, which simplifies your daily routine.

Comparison of these smartwatches:

Smartwatch Display Health Tracking Battery Life Water Resistance Connectivity
Boat Ultima Chronos Touchscreen LCD Heart rate, sleep monitoring Up to 7 days IP68 Bluetooth
Beat XP Vega X Touchscreen LCD Step tracking, blood pressure Up to 5 days IP67 Bluetooth
Fastrack Revolt FR 1 Pro Circular Dial Heart rate, activity tracking Up to 10 days IP68 Bluetooth
Noise Evolve 3 Touchscreen LCD Fitness tracking, sedentary Up to 7 days IP68 Bluetooth
Noise Thrive Color Display Sleep monitoring, hydration Up to 5 days IP67 Bluetooth

Based on the data above, my advice would be, then it is the FastTrack Revolt FR 1 Pro that I would recommend. It is a fashion accessory with a round dial design, a wide range of smart health features that include heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, a long battery life that does not require recharging for at least 10 days, and the ability to be used easily underwater (everything will be ok at depths up to 1.5 meters).

Besides, it has Bluetooth connectivity functionality for you to pair with your smartphone and have control over notifications and other features. On the whole, the Fastrack Revolt FR 1 Pro is a pair of earphones that gives the functionality, durability, and fashion consciousness you will need for all-day use.


In the end, the existence of cheap smartwatches with rich features under 2000 is proof that technology and affordability can come to the same need. These five smartwatches, namely the Boat Ultima Chronos, Beat XP Vega X, Fastrack Revolt FR 1 Pro, Noise Evolve 3, and Noise Thrive, provide you great variety of useful features but also deliver the quality and style you want in your life.

Whether you’re into health tracking, smartphone connectivity, or the latest design trends, there’s a budget-friendly option for your tastes.

This blends in with the convenience and ease of wearable technology and also save some money by selecting one of these best budget price ranges and having these inexpensive smartwatches, you can now stay in touch, track your health goals, and make your life easy every day like never before at very low price.

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