Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Review and Specifications | Best Neckband Under 1500 in India

The TWS earbuds are pretty popular these days because of their design, usability, and mobility. But we prefer neckband earphones as they are more useful and beneficial than TWS earbuds. And, most importantly, we don’t misplace them. We have been using the Oppo Enco M32 neckband-style earphones for the past few weeks, In this Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Review, you’ll find out whether the device is as good or bad.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Review: Design

These earphones are built to last because of the high quality of construction. There is a huge button that allows you to increase and reduce the volume effortlessly. Also, these are so lightweight that you don’t even notice you’re wearing any neckband around your neck; simply you can wear them as a necklace.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Review

The ergonomically designed silicone ear tips fit snugly into the ear canals, and the plush ear feathers keep the headphones firmly in your ears even while you work.

There are three sensitive buttons for control. When you press the Volume Up button, it increases the volume, and to pick the next track, Hold down the button. There is a multifunction button is placed between the volume up and down buttons. Once you press the button, you can play/pause the song or pick up/hang up the phone call.

To activate the voice assistant, Press three times on the button. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to refuse a call. The volume down button, on the other side, lowers the volume. Press and hold to play a previous song.

The best part is that the Oppo Enco M32 earbuds have IP55 dust and water-resistant certification. You can listen to music while working out at the gym or walking around in the rain knowing that your headphones are safe.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband review: Performance

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Review

Before buying any type of earphone or headphones, we look for mainly three things: First, sound quality, which requires the gadget to have strong and best quality drivers. Oppo has given 10mm titanium-plated composite diaphragm dynamic drivers for the Enco M32 Neckband. The sound quality given at the price point is really good.

The best feature of Oppo Enco M32 is that it provides high-quality bass, similar to what we’ve heard from premium earphones like Sony and JBL. The mids and highs are absolutely clear. While the vocals and instruments are pretty decent, for the price they are available. These earbuds neckband also supports the AAC audio format.

Second, we need a secure fit, especially whether it is working, going for a walk, or doing household chores. The neckband fits snugly into your ear canal and provides an almost noise-canceling experience so these earbuds are ideal for everyone. Ear loops keep them in place so they don’t fall out of your ears and you don’t have to constantly adjust them to keep them in place. So the Oppo Enco M32 Neckband has a great fit. Additionally, the company includes ear tips in the box that can be easily adjusted based on size for a snug and secure fit.

These earbuds neckbands are magnetic, So if you want to get them out quickly, just take them out of your ears. After they’re together, the music you’re listening to stops, and when you’re finished talking, put them back in your ears and you’re ready to go.

The hall-effect switch has been installed in OPPO Enco M32. When you split the headphones, they connect to a device instantly. When you put them together, the headphones immediately turn off and stop playing music. Controlling the music is quite simple.

The third and most important consideration is battery life. Bluetooth earphones, whether TWS or neckband type, should have long battery life. The oppo Enco M32 has a 220mAh battery that provides more than 28 hours of playback time. Furthermore, just 10 minutes of charging can provide you with 20 hours of battery life. However, it takes only half an hour to fully charge it.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Battery Review.j

In terms of connectivity, the Bluetooth earbuds offer a quick switch feature that instantly connects to your other devices when you are out of range. For example, if you connect the Enco M32 to your laptop and your phone is nearby, and then leave the room to do some work, the earphones automatically connect to your phone with the click of a button.

Simply pressing the volume up and down buttons for 2 seconds switches the device from your laptop to your phone There is no need for re-connecting. It supported Bluetooth 5.0 low-latency transmission technology, with a communication range of up to 10 meters. It ensures a strong and fast connection for seamless chats, movies, and games as well as an optimal listening experience at all times.


We don’t have a particular musical taste; We only listen to what pleases our ears or that we enjoy. Also, we don’t listen to songs all day, only for a few hours, and we have earbuds dangling on our necks just for that. It’s important to highlight that whether you’re a traveler, a fitness fanatic, or use public transportation to get to college or a job, neckband earbuds are for you.

We’ve tried a number of TWS earbuds, and these Oppo Enco M32 neckband type earphones are our absolute favourite. They’re also quite budget-friendly (Rs 1,799). You would think we would only cover the positive aspects of the Oppo Enco M32 review. In fact, we did not find any flaws or shortcomings.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Features

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Features

  • 10 mins charge will give you 20 hours of music playback
  • Bass boost
  • Dual device Fast pairing
  • 28 hours of battery life
  • They are ip55 dust and water resistance and
  • You get Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Button Controls

  • The middle button on the module will pause and play music and then you have the volume controls.
  • If you long press the volume plus button it will change the soundtrack and
  • Long pressing the minus button will take you back to the previous soundtrack.
  • Double pressing the middle button will call google assistant or Siri.

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Pros

  • It is very Comfortable
  • IP55 dust and water-resistant certification
  • Built well
  • Good bass-driven audio
  • Quick switching
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Fast charging

Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Cons

  • Lack of wide soundstage of Enco M31
  • No Hi-Res support
  • No app

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So that’s it guys this was the Oppo Enco M32 Neckband Review. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this Neckband in the comments section below.

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