Best NeckBands Under 600 in 2024

Best NeckBands Under 600 in 2024: If you order a good pizza, you will spend more than 500 bucks. Isn’t it great to get the best neck bands between Rs 500 and Rs 600? Neck Bands are meant to cater to music lovers and for a smooth talk time. But before you buy them, make sure they fulfill your minimum requirement.

Best NeckBands Under 600 in 2024

Keep these three things in mind while you purchase neckbands below Rs 600.

  • The driver size should be a minimum of 10mm
  • The minimum battery backup is 12 to 15 hours
  • They have the fast charging option

Now, let’s look into the best neck bands that are priced between Rs 500 to Rs 600.

1. PTRON Tangent Duo

PTRON Tangent Duo comes with a driver size of 13mm so it fulfills the required minimum criterion. Along with that, there’s PNC support available. PTRON Tangent Duo comes at an affordable price of Rs 500 only.

PTRON Tangent Duo

It has a IPX4 rating and the Bluetooth that’s used is version 5.2. The device comes with a 200 mAh battery and ensures a 24-hour battery backup. Type C charging is there and there’s fast charging availability wherein, if you charge just for 10 minutes, you get three hours of support.

The device comes with magnetic earbuds and ensures the best sound quality. As far as the call quality is concerned, it’s great indoors. But for the outdoors, it doesn’t win. It has a normal bass. You can get ahead with dual device pairing. The price of PTRON Tangent Duo is justified and it’s indeed worth the money you pay.

2.  UN1QUE Earphones

The second one on our list is UN1QUE. It comes with a 10mm driver size. The price of these earphones is only Rs 600 and it comes with Bluetooth version 5.2 and IPX 5 rating. You can get 24 hours of playtime. Fast charging support is available.

UN1QUE Earphones

The presence of smart magnetic earbuds makes it very convenient to use these earphones. Also, there’s a dedicated bass button. What do you think, do you find these features attractive?

3. Mateband

The next one in our neck bands list is Mateband which is tagged with just Rs 600. At this affordable price, you get features like 10mm drivers, IPX5 rating, PNC support, 130 mAh battery, Bluetooth version 5, fast charging support, excellent sound quality, 24-hour playtime, and magnetic earbuds. Not to forget that dedicated bass-boosted mode.

Mateband Earphones

4. Aroma NB119 Genius

If we tell you that this one is the winner when it comes to playtime, will you believe it? Yes, Aroma NB119 Genius is such a neckband that comes with a 60-hour playtime. Priced at just Rs 400, the neckband comes with a 12mm driver size. It has PNC support and there’s Bluetooth with version 5.0.

 Aroma NB119 Genius

It has an IPX4 rating. The fast charging is available too. NB119 Genius has magnetic earbuds and there’s a very good sound quality and awesome bass. Dual pairing is available with this neckband.

5. Zebronics Zeb-Evolve

One of the latest and best neckbands that is also one of the highest-selling neckbands is Zeb Evolve. It is equipped with 10mm drivers and the latest Bluetooth version 5.3. Despite such good integrations, it carries a price tag worth Rs 500 only.

Zebronics Zeb-Evolve

Other leading features include 12 hours of talk time, 17 hours of playtime, and quick charging. Zeb-Evolve has metal magnetic earbuds which make it more durable than its competitors. The sound quality and bass, are both good. There’s a dual-pairing feature available too.

Which Neckband is Best for 2024?

If we had to rate them, then the first one that stands on our list is Zebronics Zeb-Evolve. That’s because it has superb integrations and features. We also like Aroma NB119 Genius for its 60 hours of playtime and yet very affordable price range.

However, all the above-mentioned budget neckbands are best as they are great in features and yet affordable in price. Check the table below and get the price brief of these neckbands.

Price Comparison of Neck Bands

Device Price
PTRON Tangent Duo Rs 500
UN1QUE Rs 600
Mateband Rs 600
Aroma NB119 Genius Rs 400
Zeb-Evolve Rs 500

Summing Up

The neckband earphones are best for staying wireless and are wonderful when you run, jog, or travel. From answering calls to cutting the call, fast-forwarding music, or pausing it, you can do a variety of tasks with the help of your neckband.

If you are planning to buy a good neckband with a budget of Rs 500 or around, this article will be of immense use to you. We have covered the best neck bands that fall in the budget category.

We hope you liked our article on Best Neck Bands Below 600 in 2024. Stay tuned for more information that will enhance your tech-related knowledge and help you in making the right gadget-buying decisions.

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