6 Best Must Have Android Apps for 2024

Best Must Have Android Apps for 2024: It’s exciting to install new apps on your smartphones as it gives a sense of thrill and zest. The apps that we are going to cover here are attractive and functional and some of them even help to enhance your productivity. So, here we go to show you the best 6 must-have Android apps for 2024.

Best Must Have Android Apps for 2024

True AI

Do you get captivated when you come across some amazing wallpapers? If yes, then the True AI app will surely amaze you. This free app has stunning wallpapers that you can scroll down through, customize, and even tweak to get the best one for your smartphone.

A light app that doesn’t take too much space, it’s stunning. This Android app has become one of the rage for 2024.

All those who have been looking to elevate the look of their devices, try this app as it gives a plethora of options. There are more than 100 A_generated beautiful wallpapers you can scroll through.

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Notcha is going to be your secondary launcher, so you need not remove your old one. But Notcha’s presence can ease things for sure. This app gives you a chance to access your favorite and most used apps quickly. You just have to touch the Notcha cut out and there you are, with all your favorite apps.

Again, this app is light as well and takes very little space. This app was recently launched and it seems to be one of the useful apps for those who multi-task and jump between different apps throughout the day.

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Swipify For Spotify

Swipify for Spotify is a unique app that will help you to express your love for music and also shun away from the songs or music you don’t like. It helps to match your likes and dislikes for music and in that way, it will offer you options.

While you get the music or song suggestions, you can either swipe on the left or right. If you don’t like the song, you can swipe on the left and if you like it, you can swipe on the right.

So, all you get is a 30-second preview of the latest and hottest tracks. Now is the time to dive into the experience and establish your connection with what you like and what you don’t. So, you can unleash your true musical-self. With the left and right swiping, the app will learn your musical taste and will serve you with what you would love.

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Rewind App

Rewind app is the latest app that can help you relive the old times with the perfect musical tracks you loved. You can rewind and go back to the old memories. The Rewind app helps you to check out and play the best song of 1991 or 1970 or whichever year you choose.

The app has an amazing collection of musical tracks, but it takes very little space and uses only 7MB. Don’t you think it’s amazing? You can time travel and go back to your old musical memories and musical love.

You just have to select the year and the app will show you the most popular songs of that year. You can then get these songs on Apple Music or Spotify and play them there.

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Perplexity App

You can use the Perplexity app as your encyclopedia. You can ask the questions with text or with voice. The answers that you get from this app are updated and are cited, wherever required.

You can ask the questions in your natural language and with this chatbot-styled search engine, you will get the prompt answers for all your questions.

The app uses GPT-4 and Anthropic Cloud A2 in the background. Thus, you can rely on this AI-driven app as there’s a lot of knowledge and learning expected from them. You can ask anything and everything and this encyclopedia will serve you with the best answers.

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YouTube Create App

YouTube Create app is one of the best apps of 2024 that helps you to edit, cut, trim, and also add a voiceover. You Can give the captions if needed. You Can enhance the experience with the effects and filters.

Don’t worry, the tools are very simple to use and you can even create long-form and short videos with ease. Give creativity to your ideas and make amazing videos using the YouTube Create App.

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Summing Up

We hope you loved all the above apps and they truly will make your 2024 more interesting. Enjoy these apps as most of them are free. The Wallpaper True AI App is completely free.

The basic features of all the other apps are free and if you are looking for the premium services then those extra services will be paid ones.

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