Best Ink Tank Printers Under 15000 That You Can Buy In 2024

Best Ink Tank Printers Under 15000: If you are planning to buy the best printer for your office or home, you will be confused about which brand to buy. The best brands for ink tank printers that you can vouch for include Epson, Canon, and HP.

Best Ink Tank Printers Under 15000

In this post, we will cover the best-selling ink-tank printers in the market. Mostly, you will see that people buy HP printers, The reason is the low cost. But cost might not be the only factor for you to buy an ink-tank printer.

Read the info and you will know about the best ink-tank printers for 2024.

1. HP Ink-Tank 315

The price of the HP Ink-Tank 315 printer is Rs 11500. This printer is one of the best selling options and if you have a small office or if you want something for your home, you must get ahead with this printer.

For scans, print-outs, and photocopies, HP 315 is going to be a great option. This printer is affordable and value for money. So, for 2024, this HP printer can be one of the best choices.

2. HP Ink-Tank 316

Along with the HP 315, there’s one more amazing option and that is HP Ink-Tank 316. The price of this model is Rs 10599. The output for HP 316 is 7500 black and 8000 color pages. Refilling the ink tank is very easy. HP 316 has great features and functions.

If you don’t need too much printing, HP Ink-Tank 316 will be a good choice. For a small office or a home, this is indeed one of the great options. An all-in-one printer that’s good for scans, print-outs, and photocopies, you can get ahead and order this online.

3. HP Smart Tank 520

HP Smart Tank 520 printer is a best-selling device. Along with this printer, you get 1 extra black ink bottle. The productivity of this printer is 12000 black and 6000 color pages.

In a way, you can say, it’s a high-volume and low-cost printing option. The price of this printer is Rs 12999. A good option, the HP Smart Tank 520 is value for money and you can order them online.

4. Epson Ecotank L3210

Epson printers are equally good and have good sales in the market. The price of this printer is Rs 12499. This model is good for normal printing and for photo printing.

There’s a slight issue with 256 gsm paper acceptance. For that, HP printers are the best. If you wish to get ahead with A4 paper printing then Epson is the best option.

5. Epson Ecotank L3252

Epson Ecotank L3252 is one of the best-selling ink-tank printers in the market. The price is Rs 15500. It works with the help of wi-fi. It is a high page-yield ink-tank printer. It has an Epson Smart Panel App.

The printer has Wi-Fi. It supports all page sizes and these include A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL. With this printer, you can do prints, scans, and even photocopies. The print resolution is 5760X1440.

6. Canon Pixma Megatank G2012

Canon Pixma Megatank G2012 is one of the new printers in the market. It is slightly bulky but has a great design. It has just launched a few days back. Along with this printer, 2 additional ink bottles are available.

With one bottle of ink, you can start 6000 prints and 7000 color prints. The price of this printer is Rs 11399. It’s great in quality and output.

7. Canon Pixma Mega Tank G300 Wi-Fi Enabled

If you like the Wi-Fi-enabled ink tank printer then you must get ahead with this option. The Canon Pixma Mega Tank G300 is a great device. Along with this, you get 2 black ink bottles. The printing and output are amazing. This printer is value for money and you get it at Rs 14300.

Here’s a comparative price chart for the printers mentioned above:

Name and Model Price
HP Ink-Tank 315 Rs 11500
HP 316 Rs 10599
HP Smart Tank 520 Rs 12999
Epson EcoTank L3210 Rs 12499
Epson EcoTank L3252 Rs 15500
Canon Pixma G2012 Rs 11399
Canon Pixma G300 Rs 14300

Wrapping Up

All the above-mentioned printers are high-selling printers. They are quite popular in the market and if you are looking for the best selling options, the above printers will help. We hope you liked our informative article on the best ink-tank printer for 2024. Stay tuned for more articles and knowledge.

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