Best 8 Iron for Clothes in 2024

Best 8 Iron for Clothes in 2024: Getting clothes ironed is our basic need. We all need an iron to have shrink-free clothes. But, we rarely put any effort into understanding which iron is best for us.

When it comes to buying iron, you will come across a lot of models from different brands. But the most important thing that you must decide first is, whether you want a dry iron or a steam iron.

Best 8 Iron for Clothes in 2024

In this article, we will cover both dry irons and steam irons. Out of the lot, we have selected a few eight irons which will be perfect for your buddy schedule in 2024.

The good part is, that you will come across the irons with the different price tags and we will cover those that come at a price of around Rs 1000 and also those that are above Rs 3000.

When buying an iron, you want something functional, superb in performance, and also the best value for money. Read our reviews given below for the best 8 irons and get assistance in your buying decisions.

While buying the irons, people prefer dry iron or steam iron. First, let us discuss details about the best 2 dry irons which we feel are great in performance and worth the price you pay.

Best Dry Irons For Home

Havells Dazzle Dry Iron

Havells Dazzle iron comes with 1100 watts of power. It is a lightweight appliance with a weight of just 880 grams.

Havells Dazzle Dry Iron

It comes at a budget price of Rs 750 and is a great choice if you have been looking for a lightweight appliance to iron your clothes. It has a 360-degree swivel cord and comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty.

Philips GC 181 Dry Iron

If you like a slightly heavy iron machine then Philips GC 181 will be a good choice as it’s a dry iron with a weight of 1.35 kg. It’s an appliance with 1000 watts of power.

It has a 180-degree swivel cord and 2 years comprehensive warranty. The temperature control function is available as per the fabrics. The price of Philips GC 181 is Rs 1300.

Are you a steam iron user? If yes, here are some really good steam iron options for you. Out of the best 8 irons for the year 2024, the six irons are steam irons.

Best Steam Irons For Home

Havells Fabio Steam Iron

Havells Fabio is one of the best-selling steam irons and it comes with the power of 1250 watts. The water tank capacity is 110ml. It comes with a plastic body and Teflon-coated sole plate.

Havells Fabio Steam Iron

The sole plate is not very big, but at the price that you are getting this appliance, things are justified. There’s a 360-degree swivel cord. An ISI-certified iron, the price of Havells Fabio is Rs 1200 and comes with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years.

Havells Aspire Steam Iron

Havells Aspire is another steam iron that is again a good deal that comes with a reasonable budget. It’s a steam iron with 1400 watts of power. It has a plastic body and a Teflon-coated sole plate. As compared to Fabio, the sole plate is large.

The tank capacity of Aspire is 180ml. Even this item is ISI-certified and has a 360-degree swivel cord. If you choose Aspire, you get some premium features like a self-cleaning function and variable steam control, which you will not get with Havells Fabio.

This appliance is tagged with the price of Rs 1500. Even this appliance comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty. If you are selecting something out of these two, Havells Aspire is a better option.

The above irons are reasonably priced. If you want to go slightly higher in budget, then here are a few best quality irons that also bear some amazing features.

Inalsa Steam Iron

Inalsa steam iron is a 2000 watts iron and has some great features, you can vouch for. The iron comes with a plastic body and a scratch-resistant ceramic sole plate. The water tank capacity is 270ml.

Inalsa Steam Iron

There is a 360-degree swivel cord and this appliance has ISI marking. Inalsa steam iron comes with a price tag of Rs 1800 and has some really good features like a self-cleaning function and variable steam control.

There’s a two-year warranty too. This steam iron is worth the price you pay. But, there are a few more good irons that we are covering here. Have a look at them.

Agaro Royal Steam Iron

If you have a slightly higher budget as in Rs 2000, Agaro Royal Steam Iron can be your best product. This ISI-approved steam iron has a sturdy plastic body and the sole plate is ceramic coated.

The steam emission is 30g per minute and there’s vertical and horizontal steam so that you can iron the clothes very well. There’s a 320ml water tank and a 360-degree swivel cord.

Some of the best features of Agaro steam iron include a self-cleaning function, variable temperature control, auto shut off, and anti-drip. There’s a two-year comprehensive warranty. If you are looking for a good iron that will help you make your linen clothes and other clothes perfect, Agaro Royal Steam Iron is a perfect deal.

Morphy Richards 2000 Watts

Morphy Richards is the Bajaj product so you can easily rely on this product. Morphy Richards 2000 watts is one of the best selling products and has very good features too. There’s 11g steam per minute which is quite decent. The iron has a plastic body and a ceramic-coated sole plate.

Morphy Richards 2000 Watts

The horizontal and vertical steam facility and the 360-degree swivel cord are the leading features too. Morphy Richards 2000 watts iron is equipped with a 350ml water tank, variable steam control function, ISI mark, self-cleaning function, etc. It comes for Rs 2100 and has a 2-year comprehensive warranty.

Philips 2400 Watts Steam Iron

This particular model of Philips has 2400 watts of power. It has a premium price tag and the price is Rs 3200. The steam is 30g per minute and there’s a very good plastic body with a ceramic sole plate.

This iron is sturdy and once you buy it, you will enjoy its service for years. This iron has a 180-degree swivel cord and horizontal and vertical ironing will be possible. The capacity of the water tank is 270ml.

Philips 2400W steam iron comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty. The iron is equipped with amazing features like anti-drip, built-in calcium clean slider, and of course, ISI mark is there.

Summing Up

We hope you liked the information we shared with you about the best 8 irons in 2024. The above information will help you to decide which appliance will give you the perfect feel while ironing the clothes.

All you must do is buy a good iron board, as ironing clothes at home will become easy. Ironing your clothes will be no big task.

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