5 Crazy Android Apps 2024 That Are Useful and Fun to Have!

5 Crazy Android Apps 2024: A lot of apps get launched every day and often, it becomes tough to be selective. You are looking forward to having a few good apps on your Android phones and have been wondering which ones are the best. Here we have listed down a few crazy yet amazing Android apps that you must look into. Check the reviews and find out what’s different, crazy, and useful about these apps.

5 Crazy Android Apps 2024

In this article, we are going to know the best apps that are the top five new crazy Android apps you must try.

1. Touch The Notch

Touch the Notch app opens up a new world for you, where customization is easy.  If you are ready to forget those tough finger muscular movements and want your fingers to relax, you must download this app Touch the Notch App. 

Touch The Notch


Touch the Notch and you will be able to open the camera app, take a quick screenshot, access the QR code reader, take up quick redial, put in DND mode, and open the video recorder. With just one touch to the notch, you can assign tasks to your Android phone and you will get these tasks done quickly. 

This app takes only 1.6 MB and you can download it from Google Play Store. You can install the app and grant the relevant permissions and there you are! It’s a crazy, yet useful app that will help to assign and fulfill quick tasks to your Android Smart Phone.

2. Buz-buz me now App

Buz-Buz Me Now is an audio voice messaging tool that is pretty instant and can serve your purpose for that particular moment. This app is light and serves as an instant communication tool between two people. The best thing about the Buz app is, there is no need to unlock the device. It works on all systems and will give you the experience like the Walkie-Talkie.

The app allows messaging and photo sharing as well. Buz-Buz Me Now is ideal for office communication, people traveling together in groups, family members living in multi-story buildings, etc.

There’s a chat history feature too, which will help you to re-listen to the thing, that you feel you might have missed or not heard properly. Don’t worry about the load and all, the app is light and will thankfully not use too much of your data.

3. Standby mode pro

Who doesn’t like smart displays for their Android devices? Just think, while the phone is charging and it shows a unique and smart standby display, it will indeed stand out amidst the other basic-looking options. Here’s where the Standby Mode Pro App will be the savior.

StandBy Mode Pro

Once you have this app on your Smart Phone, it’s going to beautify it, while charging and in standby mode. The smooth designs and animations make this app truly pro stuff! Download this app from the Google Play Store and stay stress-free as this app doesn’t collect any data.

It’s one of the most liked apps in the current times. Many people have downloaded it, if you haven’t, you must do it!

4. Pairdrop

File sharing is one of the most important things that users need, these days. For that, there’s a need to install the apps. To use pair Drop for file sharing, you must first log on to the website pairdrop.net

On your local network, you will be able to share unlimited images, videos, PDFs, etc. Android to Android file sharing experience will indeed be amazing and the speed will be very good even for a large file size. For file sharing on other platforms, things will be smooth, if you use your local network.

Pair Drop is a free open-source platform that makes Peer-to-Peer file sharing, a simple task. Sharing the files on cross platforms or from Android to Mac or from Android to Android and even Android to iOS. 

Don’t forget, you must visit the website pairdrop.net which will help you with peer-to-peer file-sharing solutions.

5. Personal Safety

Personal Safety is natively available on Pixel Phones and Native Android phones. But on the scheme, Android phones like MIUI, and the Personal Safety app is available. It’s an essential app for personal safety. So, if it’s not available generically on your phone, you must download it. 

It’s a new app and is being rolled out. But, it’s a must-app as it will prepare the user for an emergency and give him a chance to react. The app will collect information like your current location as it will help the user. 

You must download the app and set the time limit for the person going out. If he doesn’t come within a stipulated time limit, there’s an alert that will come and this will help the person who needs emergency help.

With all the above apps, you will indeed get a very good experience. New apps keep rolling and coming, but it’s essential to shortlist a few that are beneficial for the users. 


The five crazy yet useful apps listed above can enhance your experience while using your phone. We have reviewed them and provided you information which will help you decide, whether you must get ahead with these apps or not.

Many more apps are going to be rolled out for Android and iOS. We will provide you with all the relevant information about these things. We hope this article is helpful to you. Stay tuned to get such amazing information.

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