Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Bluetooth & Wired Mechanical Keyboard | Best RGB Keyboard Review

Today’s world is full of laptop and PC users and Everyone Wants to use a suitable keyboard, especially with RGB Features which come in Budget too. So In this post, We Have reviewed the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Bluetooth & Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Per-Key RGB that comes from Cosmic Byte with connectivity to Bluetooth And USB and various features excluding it.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Features


Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius

On this keyboard, there is a button that runs this keyboard and takes off, and ON Its RGB. Next, four rubber paddings keep this keyboard stable, and a USB charging port. It can also be connected through USB and even it can be connected With Bluetooth With any Laptop and Other Device. This Keyboard has a 1000 mAh battery which can be charged through USB.

The battery Backup of Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius is Very Good. It runs One And Half Day Constantly on Bluetooth Mode and the battery decreased very lightly. It gives a range of 10 meters of Bluetooth so it can be operated anywhere within 10 meters.

It has 87 Keys in it with an injection-molded double shot, anti-ghosting Keys on the USB, and Outmeu blue Switch in it with a good sensitive and clear sound. If it is running on USB mode, it can run the Keyboard in its full anti-ghosting mode. This Keyboard can just put only Six keys in it anti-casting mode UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

🌟USB mode key to connect with the system with a USB cable.
🌟Bluetooth keys to connect this keyboard to Bluetooth
🌟Some indicators like Battery, Bluetooth, AND S, A Which are RGB Indicators


There are two-wheelers in Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius. The left-side wheel handles the RGB lights and their brightness level but sometimes it is very confusing and difficult to handle these things with keys. So In this case, it can be directly controlled with the wheel. Clicking the wheel to change RGB modes and roll it left and right for brightness.

🌟The right-side roller handles the volume of the device to increase and decrease the sound of the system.

🌟RGB modes and brightness can be changed with the left-side roller.

🌟The keys’ colors can also be changed by pressing the FN + END keys in every mode. There is a total of 18 backlit modes with 15 Levels of brightness.

The Price of Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius is Rs 4500. According to the features, The best thing About this keyboard is it comes with Bluetooth and a 1000Mah Battery by which it can run for so long. RGB is excellent, the colors are perfect, and The Modes are excellent.

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There is no software support from Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius yet for changing its model and color in every key. Maybe in the future, they will provide it.

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In the end, We suggest that purchasing this keyboard will be a good deal because it has so many things at a medium price. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius is a kind of baby keyboard that can carry very easily whereas It is difficult to carry a large keyboard. I hope you read our Reviews and that all your doubts and confusion are clear. If you have any problem, you can comment below or contact us by email or Instagram.

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